What you can and cannot wear when playing soccer

Summary: Soccer has extremely simple rules that allow anyone to play the game anywhere. However, official FIFA rules dictate what players can and cannot wear. Read more to find out specifics.

Look around the suburbs of even the poorest countries in the world and you will see kids and adults playing soccer with just a ball and some cones for a goal. The simplicity of soccer allows almost anyone to play the game, anywhere. However, when FIFA sanctions an official game, there are strict rules on what players can and cannot wear:

What can players wear?

There are several essential requirements for players. The first is that every player should wear shin guards to protect from impact and hard kicks. Shin guards are a safety concern and any player without one cannot play. The other requirements are numbered uniform jerseys and socks that cover the shin guards along with cleats. All equipment must pass an inspection by the referee and he can choose to exclude a player if he finds the conditions to be unsatisfactory. The goalkeeper also has his own set of requirements.

What are the forbidden items?

First of all, anything that represents a political slogan is forbidden. Also, you cannot wear anything cosmetic, like jewelry, bracelets, earrings, leather or rubber bands. The only piece of jewelry that you can wear is your wedding band. But regulations stipulate that any such item must be covered in tape to protect other players from injury.

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