A Handy Checklist for Purchasing Colored Contact Lenses

Summary: Before you purchase your brand-new, fashionable colored contact lenses, make sure to follow this checklist.

Whether you want to wear them for style or just to change it up a bit, colored contact lenses can come in handy when you want to expand your wardrobe. But, before you order some new lenses, be sure that you run through this checklist.

Speak with Your Optometrist First

You always want to get the advice of your eye doctor before making any decision on your own. Now, colored contact lenses are different in appearance than your standard lenses and may not offer the features that you are used to – like the additional moisture you commonly find in other models for example. Although they are great for a certain outfit or even a Halloween costume, you need to consult with your eye doctor to make sure they are the right fit. Make sure you do not try and purchase colored contacts on your own from a company that will sell them without a prescription. This could end up permanently damaging your eyes.


The next step is choosing a brand that you trust. Because there are so many options available to you, there is no perfect choice. However, you want to go with one that has the best reviews as opposed to one that isn’t exactly that popular. Be sure that you do some research online beforehand or ask your eye doctor, so you get a rough idea what you’re going to buy.

Check the Prices

Another factor you need to consider is your budget. If you have the money to spend, you should probably choose a model that will provide the most comfort. However, if you are on a budget, there are several brands that offer discount lens that are still comfortable and will cater to your needs as well.

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