How to Mix and Match Dress with Thakoon Shoes

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Before purchasing new dress every season, why not you use existing cloth in your wardrobe? Besides saving your money, you can create chic and different look every season. You only need to do small changes with your own cloth, accessories and thakoon shoes. It will be so surprising that you can create unlimited look every day with existing cloth. Firstly, look at your dominant color. If you have many dark colors for the skirts, jeans and pants, then you should choose multi-colored for the top.


Of course, this multicolor top must have one similar color with thakoon shoes whether it is blue or orange. If you are on the spring season, it is good to wear floral orange on the top. However, you also can wear thakoon dress, so it will match with the shoes. See in the mirror side by side to find out what you should add for the accessories. If you would like to attend formal meeting with this colorful top, you can add with solid blazer.


This will give nice performance in the short time. Find out necklace, bracelet, hair pins and earrings which are having same tone with your top or skirt. Your clothes can be used for party too since thakoon shoes will complete your overall performance. You can create various performances according to the season as well. With creative mixing and matching you can make fabulous performance even your clothes are simple.


Express your freedom and style. Finding few basic colors then combining with other warm colors. For instance: you have navy blue for the skirt, so it is great if you wear yellow of sun flower on the top. It doesn’t a matter if you only have few collections for the bottoms as long as you have basic color like brown, black and navy blue. You only need to do changes on the top.


Furthermore, if you would like to have different top, you also can insert pretty scarf which suits for informal and formal occasions. You also should try different accessories which can improve your final performance. For evening look, you can wear shining jewelry. Of course, your hand bag also should be different. If you don’t have many hand bag collections, you can choose hand bag with your basic color on the bottom.


Determine what you will wear from top to toe. If you change your hair style, your performance has been different significantly. It is same with your toe. If you change your shoes into modern look, you will have a sophisticated look as well. With thakoon shoes, you can walk in confident since the shoes understand how to improve your performance.

The shoes are made from sturdy material and very comfortable to be used in all occasions. All in all, a little bit changing can change your performance. If you need to get cheaper items, you can browse in the online shops which provide hot discount at this moment. However, your performance will not complete until you wear thakoon shoes.

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