Mouth-Watering Cold Treats at the Angelina Tearoom

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Angelina’s old-fashioned iced chocolate may not be as popular as its hot counterpart, but it still offers a different level of enjoyment. The rich yet smooth chocolate topped with fresh whipped cream turns it into a pure indulgence on ice. It is definitely unlike any iced chocolate you’ve ever had.

Angelina’s ice cream sundaes are just as indulgent as their chocolate drinks. The Coupe Mont-Blanc (Chestnut Sundae) and Coupe Rivoli (Chocolate Sundae) are both excellent choices. Coupe Rumpelmayer, named after the founder himself, is a luxurious sundae; featuring ice cream made of hazelnut from Piedmont and topped with caramelized hazelnuts, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream. This unique combination turns it into a delectable cold treat, which makes standing in the long queues worth the wait.

If you prefer ice cream, there are a number of delicious flavors available, of which chestnut and 72% dark chocolate are the most popular. If you are looking for unique flavors, you can also try other flavors like the vanilla, coffee, hazelnut, salted butter caramel, and pistachio.

The sorbets are yet another cold treat available at the Angelina Tea House. The lemon and raspberry sorbets make a refreshingly delicious tart combination. They are also available in other flavors like the pear, mango, and strawberry, which are equally delicious.

If you are looking for unique cold desserts, the Angelina Tearoom has something for everyone.


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