Irresistible Pastry Heaven at the Angelina Tearoom

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The African Hot Chocolate available at the Angelina Tea House is famous for their delectable selection of pastries, of which the Mont-Blanc is the signature pastry. The Mont-Blanc is famous for its mouth-watering chestnut cream vermicelli top, crisp meringue, and light whipped cream.

The Angelina Tearoom has boasted of other classic desserts as well, among which are the Tarte Citron, which is a sweet pastry with smooth lemon cream and candied lemon.

The Succès Noisette is yet another popular choice. Its hazelnut dacquoise biscuit with whipped hazelnut cream and topped with a crunchy praline heart turns this pastry into a heavenly delight.

Although the Angelina classics will always be everyone’s favourite, some of their new pastry selections have also gained popularity. The Mont-Blanc Speculoos has become one of the tearoom favorites. This is a version of the original Mont-Blanc that is enhanced by a speculoos heart and shreds.

The Délice Framboise-Pistache is another delightful option available. It is made of pistachio cream that is layered between a crunchy pistachio biscuit and an almond biscuit and topped with a generous layer of raspberry mouse and fresh raspberry.

The Merveille Nougat-Fruits des Bois is considered to be the best choice, as it is features crisp meringue, nougat mousse, black berry and blackcurrant heart and finally topped by light whipped cream, and ground roasted almonds.

You can turn your Angelina Tea House experience divine if you try the serving of any of the beautiful pastries with a cup of rich hot chocolate.


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