Eyeshadow Guide

Many women think that eyeshadow is complicated, but the truth is that just a few simple steps are all you need to master. With this guide, you’ll be applying eyeshadow like a pro!

  1. Try a single shade

This tip is especially great for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning: just pick one neutral shade and apply it all over the lid. This gives your eyes a little bit of definition and can make you look more awake.

  1. Use your fingers

If you don’t have makeup brushes – or even if you do – using your fingertips to apply eyeshadow gives you the freedom to blend eyeshadow colors in a way that looks more natural and spontaneous.

  1. Draw a line

In a pinch, eyeshadow can double as eyeliner. Simply dampen a small angled brush and draw it through your shadow, then apply to the upper lash line the same way you would with a regular eyeliner.

  1. Play with highlighters

Eyeshadow palettes usually contain a light color and, depending on the size of the palette, anywhere from two to five darker shades. The lightest color is generally used as a highlighter; apply it along your brow bone and on the inner corner of the eye to make your eyes brighter.

  1. Get Smokey

You only need three shades for a smokey eye: a light, medium, and dark color. Apply the lightest color on your brow bone, the medium color on your lid, and the dark color as an eyeliner along your lash line.

Article submitted by Dev Randhawa. Dev Randhawa blogs about the latest fashion trends for women on her blog, and elsewhere online.


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