7 Pure-Genius Beauty Ideas to Steal from Beyoncé

beyonceBeyoncé is simply gorgeous. Countless women are sure dying to be as talented as beautiful as she is. Well, we simply can (not that talent, though)! Here are some beauty secrets we can steal from gorgeous Beyoncé.

Keep It Simple. Beyoncé simply looks like herself, as attested by Jackie Gomez, a makeup artist that worked with the singer for almost eight years. So rather than relying heavily on artificial means, Beyoncé tends to keep it simple by using individual lashes and a peach-toned primer.

Be Gentle with Your Hair. Kim Kimble worked as Beyoncé’s hairstylist for more than 12 years, and she said she used to make a hot-oil concoction combined with Vitamin E and natural oils for the singer to put on under the heating cup. Beyoncé also uses gentler shampoos, specifically the sulphate-free ones.

Combine products. In an interview with Allure, Beyoncé says she likes Ocean Salt Sea Scrub, which cuts down a step for her because this exfoliant is also moisturizing.

Use some basic tricks. Beyoncé often does her own makeup, and in an interview with Glo.com she said that she uses bronzers for public appearances and dabs a bit of gold eyeshadow in the inner corner of her eyes when she feels she looks fatigued. She also never fails to use makeup primer and powder to hold it all in place, along with waterproof mascara or a false lash strip to avoid smudging when she’s onstage.

Add a quick spray. After putting on powder, Beyoncé uses an after-spray, specifically M.A.C. Fix+, to achieve a more natural look that takes away the chalky look that powder can sometimes cause.

Listen to Mom. According to Beyoncé, the best beauty secrets and advice she’s received are from her mom, who fortunately happened to own her own beauty salon, which can maybe help in the advice department. Beyoncé’s mom also emphasized simpler advice like never forgetting to wash off your makeup at night and focusing on inner beauty since outer beauty fades no matter what we do.

Drink kale. This is a celebrity skin care secret used by Beyoncé and others. If drinking water is recommended to keep your skin hydrated, drinking kale can help you keep healthy and gorgeous skin as it is packed with Vitamin K and boosts blood circulation while helping cell turnover.

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